How To: Event Support Riders


  • Serve as a friendly ambassador for the event to all.
  • Take care of the back of the event.  The last riders need the best support.
  • Communicate well with the Course Manager.
  • Be safe and have fun on the event.


  • Text Name and Rest Stop name when you arrive at each rest stop and the finish.
  • Dangerous sections of the route.  SAGs have brooms.
  • Rider who needs mechanical or medical support – SAG vehicles can be there in 15-30 minutes.
  • ASAP when you arrive on a scene that needs 911 support.


  • Be a good person to all riders who are struggling, have mechanical issues or injuries.  You are the first face of the event they see when they are at their lowest.
  • Support them to the best of your expertise and then call in SAGs.
  • Last riders will be pressured to keep moving, but let’s make their time as enjoyable as possible.


You will have an ESR supply kit together for you.  Please make sure you have a bag or something to ride with 3 tubes and a lightly-filled gallon ziplock bag.  Also, bring any additional tools or supplies you need to perform your role.

  • Tubes x 3
  • Mini med-kit (band aids, gloves, neosporin)
  • Pen
  • Sharpie
  • Sheet of paper for notes
  • Incident report forms
  • Mini bungee cord
  • 3 x Ride Guide